Hi, my name is Robin Östlund and i am a very social guy with a deep interest in IT. With high focus on automate everything that is possbile to automate. Why redo things that you can do once?

Github Repositories

Name Description 🌟
homeassistant-volkswagencarnet Volkswagen Carnet Component for home assistant 140
volkswagencarnet A python library for volkswagen carnet 32
volkswagencarnet-client A Python client for Volkswagen CarNet 10
docker-nginx-php-mysql-static Container running nginx, php-fpm, memcached, mysql and www/mysql data is persistent 5
docker-openvpn-client-haproxy 3
docker-openvpn-client Docker image running openvpn client 3
docker-rclone-sync 2
docker-shelly-for-hass-proxy Docker image running shelly proxy 1
docker-rclone-move 1
docker-miner-trex 1
veeam-license-reporting-tool Easy tool for collecting veeam usage for Service Providers 0
vcloud-ipsec-monitor Simple script that can be used for monitor ipsec status of a vcloud ipsec tunnel 0
robinostlund.github.io My github page 0
docker-rclone-copy 0
docker-haproxy-letsencrypt Container running haproxy and have support fort letsencrypt, haproxy/letsencrypt data is persistent 0
docker-dockerhub-build-trigger Container to trigger dockerhub build 0
demo-website Repository with dummy website 0